Cherokee Youth Center offers a chance to see your investment at work and an opportunity to join a team. There are many ways to help- here are a few suggestions:

Volunteer: If you wish to help staff and Club members by sharing your time, please call Chris McCoy at 497-3119. There are many ways you can help. We support parent volunteer participation. We'll be happy to welcome you and familiarize you with activities. If you have a particular skill, why not share it with a youngster?

Donate: We always have a need for funding some of our programs.  We have an active Torch Club (Community Service), a Jr. Staff program(Career Development), SMART Girls, ACT Smart (HIV/AIDS), and various other programs focusing on youth development.  Helping in any way to fund these programs is always appreciated and cherished.

Participate:  We have a Parent Advisory Board and many committees established to handle the ongoing projects that we develop here at the center.  We encourage participation in the happenings here either through the planning and development of the committees or by spreading the message and news that the Cherokee Youth Center has to offer.